100 WC week 29

The walking Cock.
My chicken coop mysteriously burned down one very unfortunate night. All of the chickens died in the fire that burned down the chicken coop. Among the dead was my most favorite pet chicken named George. So sadly I had to take the chickens to the cemetery to be buried. Suddenly at that moment I heard a "Bock!". And out of the dirt rose a rotten crimson roasted chicken wing. I shouted and for help but none heard me as fifty dead chickens pecked me. So I frantically dashed across the misty covered graveyard heading toward the entrance. I tripped; I knew I was already dead.

100 WC week 27

School Day
They dashed down the hall, swung around the corners and they scurried up the stairs, but although they ran quickly they weren't making enough progress. Soon the group of siblings got trapped in their room. The tiger crept closer and closer and got ready to pounce at the kids when, "April fools!" shouted the parents as they squirmed out of the crammed beastly costume and walked away like nothing happened.
 April fools?, I thought it was Saturday! exclaimed the kids.

100 WC week 22

The Security Footage Dad installed a camera in our kitchen he said it was safer, I thought he was too overprotective, but I changed my mind a week later. Our family had two pets, Goldy, a goldfish and Poopy, we called him that because brown fur looks like poop. Saturday: My family went out, leaving our pets by themselves, I checked the camera, and I was shocked to see Poopy carrying a ladder on his hind legs slowly heading for Goldy. I warned my parents about the danger Goldy is in. Hurry!. When we opened the door Poopy flew at Goldy, so I grabbed Goldy just in time.

100 WC week 21

Three am 

Hi, my name is Beans, and I`m about to tell you a story when I was just a teenager. I was taking a jog in the park when I heard a faint "hello?,". Shaking I replied "H-H-who`s there?," I got another response, only this time extremely louder. "I`m right here Timmy!," I turned and looked to see a group of humanoid trees. Finally, I could see where it was coming from, it was just Patrick, who`s the one person stupid enough to prank somebody at three am. So that`s how Patrick got a five centimeter lump on his head. 

100 WC week 19

The Clog
It was like any other gloomy Monday morning when you drag yourself towards the bathroom feeling sorry for yourself. Groaning as I reached for the handle to turn on the water I saw in disbelief to see the water overflowing out of the drain. Desperately, I turned off the tap and bent down under the sink to see what was the problem. So I unscrewed the pipe and...Fwoosh!, soon the bathroom floor was flooded with about 30 cm of water. Surprisingly when I thought nothing could get worse,when it came down the drain pipe.     

100 WC week 17

The Midnight Beast

Peter glanced at Big Ben, " no!, it`s almost midnight!, I need to get indoors before it happens again!. "
Peter cycled down the road, as he went, his skin started to shed off into a cluster of red scales. He began to start hissing like a snake, then he collapsed out of his bicycle. With a great roar and a growl then a crash soon a clang.  The Beast dissapeared into the midst in the midnight dark.

100 WC week 14

The Video Call
"Hi!, my name is Ham, and I`m a Baboon." "And I`m about to tell you the story of my worst day ever." I was in my owners desk eating a banana when a videocall came on. It was Sandra,! The chimp I met two weeks ago. I was just about to open my mouth to speak when she interrupted me saying,    "were not friends anymore." I was totally heart broken, so furiously I shoved the laptop off the table with a crash. Then I heard someone stomping up the stairs. And that is how I ended up in the zoo.